With Drupal, you are able to create large sites with complex models and relations with barely any coding.

I’ve provided this as a Feature you can download and install on your site.


In this example, we need to create a helpdesk with the following specifications:

  • Standard content type: helpdesk_ticket
  • Two roles - authenticated users and Helpdesk administrators
  • Must be internal - only authenticated users can submit tickets.
  • Only Helpdesk admins can change ticket status (pending, closed, etc)
  • Users can: Submit tickets and view their own tickets.
  • Recieve email notifications when an update to a ticket is made.

Proposed workflow

  1. Authenticated user creates a ticket
  2. User and Helpdesk recieves email notification on new ticket
  3. Helpesk/ user go back and fourth on tickets via comment section, each comment gets an email notification
  4. Helpdesk closes ticket via comment section, with corresponding email notification

Required third-party modules:

  • Rules (For sending email notifications)
  • Comment Alter (For editing ticket properties via the comments)
  • Content Access (Give users access to only their tickets/ give helpdesk access to all tickets)
  • Field Permissions (Allow only helpdesk to change ticket status)
  • Pathauto (we will set the url pattern for Helpdesk tickets. NIDs will become the ticket number)

Building it out


  • Add the Helpdesk Admin role at admin/people/permissions/roles.

Create the content type


  • Browse to admin/structure/types/add
  • Name: Helpdesk Ticket
  • Machine Name: helpdesk_ticket


  • No Threading
  • Do not Allow comment titles

Click on Save and add fields

Adding fields to the Helpdesk Ticket content type

Add a new field:

  • Label - Status
  • Field Type - List (text)
  • Widget - Select List
  • Drag field above the Body field
  • Save

Allowed vaules list:

  • Open
  • Pending
  • Closed
  • Save field settings


Required field (checked)

Enable altering this field from comments. (checked, provided by the comment_alter module)

Default Vaule: Open

Field visibility and permissions (provided by the field_permissions module)

  • Custom Permissions
  • Helpdesk Admin (Check all boxes)
  • Anonymous user should have no access
  • Authenticated user: View own vaule for field Status


Configure access to tickets - admin/structure/types/manage/helpdesk-ticket/access

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