The obligatory “Hello World” post. I’ve decided to start a blog mainly to publicly document fixes to problems I run into. During the course of a week, the question, “Now, how do I do that again?” may come up several times. Hopefully this blog will put an end to that.

Another reason for the blog is to document any cool things I run into or projects I finish. I work full time as an IT Specialist. I consider the term “IT Specialist” to be oxymoronic as we usually are generalists and touch on many different technologies. As of this post, I am not certified in the technologies I work with, Microsoft and Cisco, but I plan to change that in 2012. I’ve also recently dabbled with web development, with Drupal being my framework of choice (yeah, this blog is on Wordpress). I also hope to find some feedback on the notes I post up. I’ll welcome the “You’re doing it wrong”s and the “It didn’t work for me”s. I need those responses; it’s a way to audit myself.

The last reason for this blog is, well, I just need content for my site. I bought the domain because it was available! I can’t say too much about me, so I’ll let my notes do the talking.